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THE RITA - Raymonda (Elettronica Radicale Edizioni, Old Europa Café)

CD digipack with 12 page booklet. 

A conceptual follow up to Ballet feet position, that dwells more in pure harsh noise frontal assault.

"The Sleeping Beauty engenders a mixed message, riddled with paradoxes, about women.
Its ambivalences are connected as much to social class as to gender.
Its views of female beauty are double-edged: on the one hand, it speaks of women's beauty as partly consisting of power, intelligence, and agency, while on the other hand, it celebrated the beauty of purely feminine display. - Sally Banes"

For THE RITA, the classical ballet in the last few years has been an epiphany; a massive amalgamation of obsessive and fetishistic elements not unlike earlier interests and themes that have directly provided the structure for abrasive sound found in his past recordings.
Ballet themed recordings of THE RITA from the past two years have concentrated on the single ballerina, the development of the form translated via direct sources - the mic'd thigh, the pointe shoe, the ballet flat on the hardwood floor.
Slowly, heavily directed and building to a 'crescendo', the stage was set for the harsh noise contemplation of the multiple female dancers and the eventual stage productions of the turn of the century classical ballet, most notably the projects choreographed by ballet master Marius Petipa.  

From the 'Kingdom of the Shades' segment of La Bayadere, to the 'Danse des cygnes' of Swan Lake, to the 'Pas de six' of Sleeping Beauty, Marius Petipa was a master of staging the female form(s) in a time when the tights, pointe shoes and the revealing of the leg and it's expression via the tutu was prevalent in the classical ballet.
Petipa's esteemed examples of the art form aside, It's difficult to not try and contemplate the motives, manner and the direction of the classical ballet and it's grandiose staging of 50+ female dancers on stage when the ballet was still in the shadow of the 'ballerina-courtesan' trade of Vienna and of course the famous 'foyer de la danse' at the Paris Opera. 

Marius Petipa's masterpiece of multiple female staging for the THE RITA and these recordings is his ballet RAYMONDA (1898), most notably the 'Grand pas d'ensemble' which is a virtual gallery of ballerinas in the classical form, organized and choreographed to exercise beauty in numbers, to highlight the inherent power and grandiose nature of graceful movement in symmetry.
THE RITA's 'Raymonda (Stage Arrangement of Women)' recordings signify the mountainous nature of the aforementioned arrangements via heavily distorted layering of various Raymonda stagings cut into repeatedly with mic'd ballet pointe shoe ribbon and metal chain abuse.
The resulting sound is almost impenetrable, an avalanche of harsh noise that directs the listener back to THE RITA's CD works such as '1000s of Dead Gods' and 'Bodies Bare Traces of Carnal Violence', but this time with the massive study and focus of the staging of the classical ballet.
The material and it's accompanying booklet and imagery portray the inherent lasting voyeuristic fetishism of abstract female perfection first portrayed by the massively staged ballet works and tendencies of the late 1800s classical ballet 'Grand pas' or 'Ballabile' and it's power through movement in symmetry via more contemporary performances.  

THE RITA - Gamzatti (Total Black lp + booklet, poster, photo prints, insert)

THE RITA - Enamel Lapel Pin (approx. 1 1/16" x 1 1/4", New Forces)

THE RITA / MARION - Crystal Smith (Barton Street lp)
Black vinyl edition with insert and limited clear vinyl edition with insert and silk screened poster. 
Dedicated to early 1970s erotic model Crystal Smith. 

THE RITA - Pedicure Deconstruction of the Feminine (Bacteria Field c47)

THE RITA / SUCTION MOLENA - Roman Facesitting LSHN edition (Lake Shark Harsh Noise #09)
Standard LSHN [OEC / Slaughter style] double-sided card cover in a ziplock bag. 
Pro-tape split c40, LSHN edition of 50 (#1 - 50), Custom Body Records edition of 50 (#51 - 100).

CALIGULA031 - Private Venus (Lake Shark Harsh Noise #08)
CALIGULA031 is back with an all-new release for Lake Shark Harsh Noise with a 40 minutes trips in the surrounding of Lugano Paradiso, the notorious Italian Swiss red light zone where men of any age are willing to spend a big amount of what they earn for tasting flowers of flesh coming mostly from the East. Fierce, minimal, intense hatecore electronics with vocals covered under layers of analog noise, completed by samples in different languages describing different faces of the sex trade. 
Standard LSHN [OEC / Slaughter style] card cover in a ziplock bag.
3 double sided 8.5" x 11" inserts featuring lyrics, imagery and more.
Pro-tape c40, edition of 105.  

THE RITA / MANIA - Together They're Murder (Bacteria Field cs Reissue)

THE RITA / POWER MONSTER - Basque Into Tights [Odile] (Signora Ward Records c30)

CALIGULA031 T-shirt (LSHN)
Professionally printed, durable 10oz 100% cotton, sizes S, M, L, XL

Professionally printed, durable 10oz 100% cotton, sizes S, M, L, XL

THE RITA - Absolute Tights Worship Women's Leggings (LSHN)
Professionally printed, 9.5oz 95/5 ringspun combed cotton/spandex, sizes XS, S, M

CALIGULA031 - Odessa Ballerina Women's Leggings (LSHN)
Professionally printed, 9.5oz 95/5 ringspun combed cotton/spandex, sizes S, L

IUGULA-THOR - Opera (Elettronica Radicale Edizioni, Lake Shark Harsh Noise, Old Europa Cafe CD)

Re-edition of the tape out on Old Europa Cafe in 1996 into CD format.
The album was completely remastered by P.NG5361.BANDERA (Sshe Retina Stimulants / Sigillum S) and includes as a bonus “Cuts series”, over 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, recorded in 2007/2008 for the “Sex Cuts” sessions.
"Alongside Dead Body Love's classic "Low-Fi Power Carnage", Iugula Thor's "Opera" is also a massive documentation of distortion concentration and a prime example of Italy's 90s penchant for samples and sources drenched in overdriven texture."
LAKE SHARK HN is honored to be able to participate in this reissue as along with DBL's "Low-Fi Power Carnage" it is another primary influence on the sound of THE RITA. 
The CD comes in brown digipack, featuring and extensive essay by Sam McKinlay (The Rita) and alchemical artwork by Marco Wertham.
Wholesale enquiries are welcome.

GAMZATTI / RAYMONDA High quality woven patch (3.5" x 3.75")

THE RITA - Ballet Feet Positions (Elettronica Radicale Edizioni, Old Europa Café CD)

THE RITA’s new full length work is a complex work of obsessive research on discipline, elite beauty, and suffering in the world of Ballet.

The main piece of the album is a lengthy composition that starts extremely minimal with subtle textural sounds, interrupted by samples of actual ballet training sessions. Sounds slowly builds up in a over the top harsh noise machinery that brings Sam McKinlay’s classic trademark that crowned him as the godfather of harsh noise wall, with a monolithic build up of violence and intensity.
Second track is a power electronics rework of the the same sounds executed by Insubria hostile electronic unit CALIGULA031 that mixed all material with analog/modular sounds and in your face vocals, underlining different possibilities of textural processing.

Regarding the original sound sources, Vancouver musician, media artist, trained dancer Kelly Davis rigorously went through various feet positions and movements of classical ballet including ‘Battements’, ‘rotary movements’, ‘connecting and auxiliary movements’, etc. while a Traumatone contact microphone was rigged with a knee support brace to the side of her knee / thigh to capture the sounds of any hint of movement. The different chapters of sound were all repeatedly processed live by THE RITA as Davis went through her various positions and movements.

THE RITA’s recent use of extended samples as a single, conceptual release or as a building block of material is derived from the complete immersion in a topic found in earlier influences of WHITEHOUSE, TAINT, and OVMN, but also as an extension of his work with women’s singing and vocal work in the earlier THE RITA – ‘Womens Vocals’ LP. McKinlay finds that the totemic fetishism and the subtle resonances of the female voice as they describe the topic(s) help to bury the listener into all that is woman, especially as the samples shift into the symmetry of a female dancer’s recorded movement.

Co-produced by Elettronica Radicale Edizioni with Old Europa Café, limited to 300 copies, comes in digipack and 12 pages booklet with numerous pictures and unsettling text contributions by ex-dancer/writer Simone Paget and Marco Deplano (Wertham).

Contact lakesharkhn[at]gmail[dot]com for availability, postage rates and payment information. 

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Upcoming THE RITA shows:


Selected past shows:
2016 THE RITA, Amplified Humans Festival, The "Old" Yellow Cab building, Dayton, Ohio
2016 THE RITA, Incubate Festival, Popcentre 013 Jupiter Stage, Tilburg, Netherlands
2016 THE RITA, XI Congresso Post Industriale, Club Kindergarten, Bologna, Italy (We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.)
2016 THE RITA, Squall, Kremwerk, Seattle, WA
2015 THE RITA (response to a Pietro Sammarco presentation), Unit/Pitt Project / Selectors' Records, Vancouver, BC
2015 THE RITA (supporting act for MK9), Vancouver (The Black Lab), Victoria (Intrepid Theatre), BC
2015 RICHARD RAMIREZ, THE RITA, Midwest / East Coast US tour: Chicago (Club Rectum), Detroit (Sanctuary), Cleveland (Now That's Class), Dayton (Skeleton Dust), New York City (Silent Barn), New York City (Palisades), Providence (Machines With Magnets), Philadelphia (Heaven's Gate), Chattanooga (Sluggo's)
2015 THE RITA, Vancouver Noise Fest V, The Black Lab, Vancouver, BC
2015 THE RITA (supporting act for PHARMAKON), The Fox Cabaret, Vancouver, BC
2014 THE RITA + Hannah Myrberg, Big Joy Festival, The Remington, Vancouver, BC
2014 THE RITA, Pent Up Fest, Josephine, Seattle, WA, USA
2014 THE RITA, Europe tour: Milan, Italy (O'), Genoa, Italy (Spazio Targa), Marseille, France (L'Embobineuse), Montpellier, France (Villa des Cent Regards), Toulouse, France (Les Pavillons Sauvages), Barcelona, Spain (Antic Forn de Vallcarca) (We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $157 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.)
2014 THE RITA, Dark Light Noise Fest, FFA Collective, Kamloops, BC, Canada
2014 THE RITA, galleryHOMELAND, Houston, TX, USA
2013 THE RITA, Big Joy Festival, The Remington, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013 THE RITA, Milwaukee Noise Festival, The Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, USA
2013 THE RITA, SF Dissonance Party, The Lab, San Francisco, CA, USA
2013 THE RITA, Vancouver Noise Festival, The Black Lab, Vancouver, BC
2013 THE RITA, Sux by Suxwest 3, Club 1808, Austin, TX, USA
2013 THE RITA, Destroy Vancouver V (w/ Chris Corsano, Black Leather Jesus), VIVO, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012 THE RITA, Send + Receive v14, Atomic Centre, Winnipeg, BC, Canada
2012 THE RITA, Noise! 2012, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
2012 THE RITA, Pure Harsh Noise Worship, Ella Street Social Club, Portland, OR, USA
2012 THE RITA, Vancouver Noise Festival, The Rickshaw, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012 COLUMN OF HEAVEN (w/ THE RITA), The Astoria, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012 THE RITA, VIVO, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012 THE RITA, Europe tour: Athens, Greece (Knot Gallery), Istanbul, Turkey (Peyote), Naples, Italy (Cellar Theory), Vittorio Veneto, Italy (Codalunga), Milan, Italy (Birrificio La Cruda) (We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $154 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.)
2011 THE RITA, Vancouver Noise Festival, 1067, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2011 THE RITA, HN.HC. Festival, Portland, OR, USA
2011 THE RITA, Neon Marshmellow Festival, The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, USA
2011 THE RITA, Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival, Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC, Canada (We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $154 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.)
2011 THE RITA, Artist talk and video presentation, Blue Sunshine, Montreal, QC, Canada
2011 THE RITA, Noise! 2011, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
2010 THE RITA, Europe tour: Paris, France (Les Instants Chavirez, Le Rigoletto w/ Zbigniew Karkowski, EVIL MOISTURE), Kortrijk, Belgium (The Pit's), Offenbach, Germany (Waggon), Tilburg, Netherlands (Kunstpodium T), Copenhagen, Denmark (Mayhem), Hamburg, Germany (Hor-Bar), Berlin, Germany (NK), London, England (The Grosvenor)
2010 THE RITA, Super Happy Fun Land, Houston, TX, USA
2010 THE RITA (supporting act for BASTARD NOISE and THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE), Montreal, QC, Toronto, ON, Canada
2010 THE RITA, Noise! 2010, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
2010 THE RITA, Fake Jazz Festival, The Western Front, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2010 THE RITA, Clamour and Toll: Church (an Or Gallery event), The Anza Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2010 THE RITA (supporting act for THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE), The Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2009 THE RITA, The Sinking Ship, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2009 THE RITA, Trauma Tone Festival, Rearview Mirror, Toronto, ON, Canada
2009 THE RITA (supporting act for Zbigniew Karkowski), The Western Front, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2008 THE RITA (performance, lecture, workshop), Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC, Canada
2008 WALL RIDERS (featuring THE RITA, TASKMASTER), Noise! 2008, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
2008 THE RITA, THE VINTAGE TWO-STROKE DIRT BIKE ENGINE AS A SOUND GENERATOR FOR HARSH NOISE, Antisocial, BC, Canada (We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $11.8 million in media arts throughout Canada.)
2008 THE RITA and Christian Nicolay, AMPLIFIED AND EFFECTED SKATEBOARD LEDGE/RAILING (Video presentation), MOVE>SOUND: Soundwave>Series Season ((3)), The Lab, San Francisco, SF, USA
2008 THE RITA (supporting act for WOLF EYES), Victoria, BC; Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA
2008 EDWIGE (featuring SEWER ELECTION, KAKERLAK, THE RITA), No Fun Fest, The Knitting Factory, New York, NY, USA
2008 THE RITA, East Coast US tour: Philadelphia, PA to Portland, ME, USA
2008 THE RITA, VIVO, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2008 THE RITA, Reed College, Portland, OR, USA
2008 THE RITA, The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, USA
2007 THE RITA, & Loan Gallery, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
2007 THE RITA, Splinter Squid Affair IV, Seattle, WA, USA
2007 THE RITA, Japan tour: Tokyo (Show Boat w/ INCAPACITANTS), Nagoya (Tokuzo), Osaka (Bears w/ GUILTY CONNECTOR), Japan (We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $11.8 million in media arts throughout Canada.)
2007 THE RITA, Noise! 2007, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
2007 THE RITA, No Fun Fest, The Hook, New York, NY, USA
2006 THE RITA, DIVA, Eugene, OR, USA
2006 THE CHERRY POINT (featuring THE RITA), Wooden Octopus Skull Experimental Musick Pfestival, Seattle, WA, USA
2006 THE RITA, Video In Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2006 THE RITA, West Coast tour, Vancouver, BC to Austin, TX
2006 THE RITA, 1067 Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2005 THE RITA, 1067 Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2005 THE RITA (harsh noise "performance"), San Francisco Harsh Noise Festival, Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA, USA
2005 THE RITA, Noise! 2005, 50/50 Arts Collective, Victoria, BC, Canada
2005 THE RITA, 1067 Club, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2005 THE RITA, Blim Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2005 THE RITA, 2005 Portland Noise Festival, Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA
2004 THE RITA (with members of HOSPITAL and GOATSBLOOD), Video-In Studios, BC, Canada
2004 THE RITA, Christian Nicolay, and Eli Bornowsky, The Western Front, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2003 HOSPITAL (with THE RITA and members of GOATSBLOOD), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2002 THE RITA, Ms T’s Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada


2011 Sam McKinlay, Starting Point, Lake Country Art Gallery, Lake Country, BC, Canada
2008 Sam McKinlay, Noise/Art (curated by Thurston Moore), KS Art, New York, NY, USA

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Discorder live REVIEW of PHARMAKON with supporting acts THE RITA and MASS MARRIAGE February 21, 2015 @ The Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, BC.

Heathen Harvest REVIEW of the THE RITA 'Ballet Feet Positions' CD on Old Europa Cafe and Elettronica Radicale Edizioni.

The Rita at Milwaukee Noise Fest 2013 (Day 2: 8/23/13) from Bullart. on Vimeo.

THE RITA is featured in the AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE & ELECTRONIC MUSIC #7 - Seventh and Last a-Chronology 1930-2012 from the label Sub Rosa.  More details and purchasing information of the 3CD digipack + 84 page booklet is available HERE.

Year In Suffering REVIEW of the PRURIENT / THE RITA 'Women Pissing' 7" on Fusty Cunt Tapes.

Brainwashed REVIEW of THE RITA 'Dark Angled Eyebrow' 7" on Amethyst Sunset.

Photographer Steve Louie's PICTURE AND REVIEW of THE RITA at Vancouver Noise Fest 2013.

Emotionally Voided REVIEW of the THE RITA 'The Rack' CD on Handmade Birds Records.

LIVE FOOTAGE filmed May 3/12 at Birrificio La Cruda (Milan, Italy).

Reviews from Neon Marshmellow, Empty Bottle, Chicago, 2011:

"The Rita was, along with Sickness and a few others, one of the few full-on noise acts this year, and inarguably the loudest and most physical. While Sickness attacked from several different sniper towers at once, The Rita's Sam MacKinlay shot the audience with riot cannon-grade audio intensity from the front, his multiple distortion pedals and fierce crackling textures filling body and mind through the augmented Bottle sound system. One could feel the sonics seeping up through the feet, while the face-forward attack was so potent, I felt myself bending backward like bamboo in a gale-force wind. Jumping back and forth between prickly popping noises and cascading sheets of timbrally precise static layers, The Rita live experience does exactly what it says on the can: it's harsh noise for people who like harsh noise. If you were a guy of roughly my height and build at the venue that night, you were probably last seen grinning ear to ear around this time, saying things like "that set made up for all of Friday!"

- Chris Sienko, Gapers Block

"The melody-driven world would soon be left behind though, in favor of sheer, opressive harshness, thanks to The Rita. Sam McKinlay’s noise may have been the single loudest thing I’ve ever heard, so loud that it’d be difficult to pin down an adjective to describe exactly how loud it was. Troublingly may be the closest. The rumbling howl made the room seem like it was about to crumble to pieces, my whole body shaking from the mass of it. When individuals describe things as a “wall of sound”, this is exactly what they mean. The whole thing was impenetrable, unmoveable. Some people left the room as quickly as possible, a disgusted frown on their faces, while others eagerly moved as close to the stage as they could, fists pumping. At one point, McKinlay reached for a folding chair to sit in, but the aggressive destruction of the event made me assume he was going to start smashing it against his synthesizers and pedals.
Composer/electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick walked onstage, offering McKinlay a cheery handshake before beginning his setup."

- Adam Kivel, Consequence of Sound

Video HERE.
VIDEO SAMPLER of the Pointless Blank THE RITA 'Retrospective' DVD.

Spectacular Optical INTERVIEW with THE RITA.

Yellow Green Red INTERVIEW with THE RITA.

Reviews from RUSTED SHADOWS and MUSIQUE MACHINE of THE RITA and guests from the Nov. 19/10 show at The Grosvenor, London, England.

Pitchfork REVIEW of the RETROSPECTIVE DVD from Pointless Blank.

LIVE FOOTAGE filmed May 21/10 at Open Space Gallery (Victoria, BC).

LIVE FULL FACE MASK & SNORKEL FOOTAGE filmed Mar 25/10 at The Western Front (Vancouver, BC).

Musique Machine INTERVIEW with THE RITA from 2007.
Musique Machine INTERVIEW with THE RITA from 2010.

LIVE FOOTAGE filmed Feb. 22/07 at Pub 340 (Vancouver, BC).

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Agnes Letestu (Paris Opera Ballet)

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Clairemarie Osta (Paris Opera Ballet)

Ariana Lallone (Pacific Northwest Ballet)

Tatiana Terekhova (Kirov Ballet)

Svetlana Zakharova (Bolshoi Ballet)

Francesca Podini (Teatro alla Scala Ballet)

Eve Grinsztajn (Paris Opera Ballet)

Veronica Tennant (National Ballet of Canada)

Marianela Nunez (Royal Ballet)

Alina Cojocaru (Royal Ballet)

Ludmila Pagliero (Paris Opera Ballet)