Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Archaic Triad INTERVIEW with THE RITA from September, 2017. 

Discorder live REVIEW of PHARMAKON with supporting acts THE RITA and MASS MARRIAGE February 21, 2015 @ The Fox Cabaret in Vancouver, BC.

Detailed account of the 'Queen Sheets' collaboration with sculptural artist Megan Miller at

Heathen Harvest REVIEW of the THE RITA 'Ballet Feet Positions' CD on Old Europa Cafe and Elettronica Radicale Edizioni.

The Rita at Milwaukee Noise Fest 2013 (Day 2: 8/23/13) from Bullart. on Vimeo.

THE RITA is featured in the AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE & ELECTRONIC MUSIC #7 - Seventh and Last a-Chronology 1930-2012 from the label Sub Rosa.  More details and purchasing information of the 3CD digipack + 84 page booklet is available HERE.

Year In Suffering REVIEW of the PRURIENT / THE RITA 'Women Pissing' 7" on Fusty Cunt Tapes.

Brainwashed REVIEW of THE RITA 'Dark Angled Eyebrow' 7" on Amethyst Sunset.

Photographer Steve Louie's PICTURE AND REVIEW of THE RITA at Vancouver Noise Fest 2013.

Emotionally Voided REVIEW of the THE RITA 'The Rack' CD on Handmade Birds Records.

LIVE FOOTAGE filmed May 3/12 at Birrificio La Cruda (Milan, Italy).

Reviews from Neon Marshmellow, Empty Bottle, Chicago, 2011:

"The Rita was, along with Sickness and a few others, one of the few full-on noise acts this year, and inarguably the loudest and most physical. While Sickness attacked from several different sniper towers at once, The Rita's Sam MacKinlay shot the audience with riot cannon-grade audio intensity from the front, his multiple distortion pedals and fierce crackling textures filling body and mind through the augmented Bottle sound system. One could feel the sonics seeping up through the feet, while the face-forward attack was so potent, I felt myself bending backward like bamboo in a gale-force wind. Jumping back and forth between prickly popping noises and cascading sheets of timbrally precise static layers, The Rita live experience does exactly what it says on the can: it's harsh noise for people who like harsh noise. If you were a guy of roughly my height and build at the venue that night, you were probably last seen grinning ear to ear around this time, saying things like "that set made up for all of Friday!"

- Chris Sienko, Gapers Block

"The melody-driven world would soon be left behind though, in favor of sheer, opressive harshness, thanks to The Rita. Sam McKinlay’s noise may have been the single loudest thing I’ve ever heard, so loud that it’d be difficult to pin down an adjective to describe exactly how loud it was. Troublingly may be the closest. The rumbling howl made the room seem like it was about to crumble to pieces, my whole body shaking from the mass of it. When individuals describe things as a “wall of sound”, this is exactly what they mean. The whole thing was impenetrable, unmoveable. Some people left the room as quickly as possible, a disgusted frown on their faces, while others eagerly moved as close to the stage as they could, fists pumping. At one point, McKinlay reached for a folding chair to sit in, but the aggressive destruction of the event made me assume he was going to start smashing it against his synthesizers and pedals.
Composer/electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick walked onstage, offering McKinlay a cheery handshake before beginning his setup."

- Adam Kivel, Consequence of Sound

Video HERE.
VIDEO SAMPLER of the Pointless Blank THE RITA 'Retrospective' DVD.

Spectacular Optical INTERVIEW with THE RITA.

Yellow Green Red INTERVIEW with THE RITA.

Reviews from RUSTED SHADOWS and MUSIQUE MACHINE of THE RITA and guests from the Nov. 19/10 show at The Grosvenor, London, England.

Pitchfork REVIEW of the RETROSPECTIVE DVD from Pointless Blank.

LIVE FOOTAGE filmed May 21/10 at Open Space Gallery (Victoria, BC).

LIVE FULL FACE MASK & SNORKEL FOOTAGE filmed Mar 25/10 at The Western Front (Vancouver, BC).

Musique Machine INTERVIEW with THE RITA from 2007.
Musique Machine INTERVIEW with THE RITA from 2010.

LIVE FOOTAGE filmed Feb. 22/07 at Pub 340 (Vancouver, BC).